Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blast you wretched BLOGGER!

So I had this nice long post typed out, hit publish and Blogger when ape on me and ate my post! Blast!

I just got a call from the leader from the rescue that I work at. While I was there on Saturday we found out that we had a pregnant mama...I posted this in my last post. Well, we found out that the mama had been vaxed as soon as she entered the pound system and we had to abort her babies. Most, if not all would have been stillborn. She is really sick right now too...poor mama cat. It got me thinking...wow, feline vax (which we never give our cats) damage babies in utero...but some think nothing about giving their own children vax without research. Interesting.

On the knitting front...well, there hasn't been much going on at all. With this past weekend being so busy all I had time for was getting past the cuff on my sock...I'm not working on the leg portion and I'm hoping to turn the heel with help from this online tutorial. I did find out with help from my girls at Knitty that the reason I was having so many problems with my 1x1 ribbing was because I was purling the first stitch on my needle which was causing a yarnover. I rearranged my stitches so that the first stitch on each needle begins with a knit stitch and from then on it was smooth sailing. I only ripped the bad boy back 3 times and I think that's pretty darn good for your first sock! I can't wait to see what it looks like. I'm hoping my gauge stays right on or else I might have to either give these to Syd or send them to the Jolly Green Giant. I've never been much of a swatcher, but with socks you really have to be right on. :)

I have a big show for my biz tonight with another mama I know. We are combining our efforts to do mom's pampering nights/natural care seminars/earth expos. Tonight we are having a massage therapist come as well as several aestheticians to offer facials, waxing, manis and pedis. I will be doing sling and cloth diapering demos, breastfeeding advocacy presentations and showing off the 2006 HABA line. WOOHOO! I baked up some dark chocolate chip cookies and I'm looking forward to educating these new moms while they pamper themselves! :)

Posted by Wannabe @ 2:14 PM

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Well if they end up being for the Jolly Green Giant you can just send them to me. Get this, I had to buy a size 10 the other day, or was it 10&1/2. Something ridiculously huge.

Posted by Anonymous Sara @ Tuesday, April 18, 2006 6:35:00 PM #
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