Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Looking back...

So I've got this issue. Pictures. They are everywhere and sooo disorganized. I have boxes and boxes of them under the bed, in the bookcase...pretty much anywhere they aren't suppossed to be...they are. This is NOT my strong suit. When people say...oh, Mand, you are the most organized person I know...clearly they are not considering my picture hording issues.

I bought some of those cutesy picture organizers a few months back. Yeah, well my best intentions rarely come to fruition...so I'm thinking...what can I do with all these fond memories as I'm forcing myself to sort at least a few minutes a day...well, why not share some. So that's what I'm gonna be doing. Once a week will be Picture Day. I'll be sharing a few of my favorite photos that I've sorted thru the previous week. I know what you're thinking...Mand, you'll run out eventually. Listen, we have at least 3-4 years worth of weekly postings hangin' around here so no worrying your little selves about that! :)

Showcase 1: Summer of 2001 in Cape Cod

Sara, Rich, Bri and I all went to Cape Cod in August of 01. It was the most amazing vacation. What could be better than going to one of your favorite places on earth with 2 of your favorite people on earth? Well, pretty much nothing can top that one.

We stayed in a really sweet cottage at a bed & breakfast and spent our days at all of our favorite places...the beach, Nantucket, Christmas Tree Shops, eating tons of fried clams, salt water taffy and Friendly's sundaes, listening to the Runaway Bride soundtrack and Tom Petty over and over and over again (remember Sar?), smelling the salt air and making lasting memories. I will NEVER forget that summer. It was only a few weeks before 9/11...when the world seemed to be a safer, more carefree place...at least that's how I felt that sweet summer.

Nantucket chairs outside our B & B:

Bri on the beach outside a really nice place we went for dinner one night:

Sara and Rich waiting for our sunset yacht...I love this picture of them:

Me being...well, me-ish on the yacht:

Sara and I inside a cafe we went for lunch on Nantucket:

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Posted by Anonymous test @ Wednesday, April 12, 2006 8:19:00 AM #

What's up with my sunburned forehead and nose? Strange. Remember the dog? I think it's name was Daisy. You should post a picture of her. :)

Posted by Anonymous Sara @ Wednesday, April 12, 2006 8:44:00 AM #

Maybe the one of her licking my face. BWahahahahahahhahaa....wherever I go I attract canines. :)

Posted by Anonymous Wannabe @ Wednesday, April 12, 2006 8:45:00 AM #

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