Saturday, April 15, 2006

yarn p*rn ahead...

So far today has been fantastic. I got up early and went in to my shift at Rescue. 2 of our precious kitties were adopted to their forever homes this week...sweet Zoya who originally came to us at a whopping 22 lbs and needed a complete shave because she was so matted and nasty...left at 12 lbs and with a beautiful, healthy coat. She is doing really well adapting to her new home. Our other adoption was Peanut. He was brought back to Rescue after an adopter moved and couldn't bring him with her. He was adopted out this week after only being back for a few weeks.

Today I worked the high maintenance room called Cheshire Cat. There are 8 cats boarded in there each in their own little room. Each one has to be cleaned out top to bottom twice a day, food and water bowls changed and washed, the entire room swept and mopped and all the walls disinfected. The bedding gets changed out, litter boxes scooped or replaced and cleaned and everything noted in each cat's file sheet. Some are on special diets and also some in this room need meds. I seem to get this room a lot on my rotation. I think because I don't mind giving the medication. One of our little ones needs .5ml of Prozac and another needs amino acids and vitamins daily. I don't mind. I love it. The "special" needs cats are a nice mix. A bonus to my shift was that I got to help the vet and our team leader with the blood work. We had several new cats in this week that were saved from the euth list at the East Side Pound so they all had to have blood drawn and Feline Leukemia and AIDS tests done. I loved helping out! It was awesome! We also found out during one of these testings that we saved a mama cat who is pregnant with kittens from the euth list. :)

In knitting news, I cast on AGAIN for the same sock. I hated the pattern I was using and also realized I feel much better knitting socks on 4 rather than 5 DPNs. So I frogged and started over. I found a super easy pattern online and I'm just going to go with it. I'm only a few rows in and I realized that I have a jog in my beginning stitch so I need to frog AGAIN and rework the rows. Hopefully I can get some of this done tonight.

I bought this the other day...luscious Vesper Sock Yarn from the dying queen at Knitterly Things....Julia....drool...I love this colorway appropriately named "Neopolitan".

We are off to IKEA in a few to get some storage stuff for Syd's room and a nice wooden table and chairs for her to color at. Can't wait. I heart those Swedish Meatballs. :)

Posted by Wannabe @ 2:04 PM

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That yarn is bee-yoo-tiful! I'm so jealous. And also jealous that you have an IKEA store. I've always wanted to go to one of those.

Posted by Anonymous Emma @ Saturday, April 15, 2006 3:23:00 PM #

I love the Neopolitan colors, very nice. Um, now I want some ice cream. Thanks. :)

We got our table and chairs for the kids from Ikea. It's this set. I love it. We haven't painted it yet but we plan on it.

Posted by Anonymous Sara @ Saturday, April 15, 2006 4:01:00 PM #

i bought ice cream yesterday, 3 for $5 friendly's.

random, i know.

Posted by Anonymous the bizzle @ Sunday, April 16, 2006 6:14:00 AM #

Um, can we say dry ice? I'll take peppermint stick, reese's pieces and neopolitan please. :)

Posted by Anonymous Wannabe @ Tuesday, April 18, 2006 1:27:00 PM #

i always hate the neopolitan. if i just want vanilla, i still end up with some chocolate. arg

Posted by Anonymous the bizzle @ Tuesday, April 18, 2006 1:36:00 PM #

I eat around the strawberry. I only like it when it's really melted. :) Freak, I know.

Posted by Anonymous Wannabe @ Tuesday, April 18, 2006 2:25:00 PM #
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