Saturday, May 20, 2006

Swatch? What the heck is a swatch?

I have this problem. I consistently run out of yarn when I am knitting a project. This poses a big problem when you only have one skein of a certain color yarn in your stash...say Cascade 220 in Cotton Candy. Even worse is when I pick a pattern that calls for only 1 skein of such yarn and then 8 rows from finishing said pattern I have about one yard left...oh and did I mention I also need to knit up some handles? Yeah. Here she is in all her glory....I present you an almost finished pre-felted Sophie.

And just because it's the middle of summer in Phoenix and I like to defy this "stick your head in a dry heat oven" feeling and pretend that I am knitting in the middle of a snowstorm in Vermont....well, and because it's cute and was made by Amy...

Interestingly enough, last night I was reading the Harlot's new book...and wouldn't you know it was all about SWATCHING. I am an instant gratification knitter you see. Come on, I have a 2 year old...there isn't much time to knit up the square, felt it, wait for it to dry, measure and then realize I need to do it again because my gauge is off. IT'S A FREAKING BAG ALREADY. But, now I need to figure out where the heck I'm going to find a skein of this yarn because none of the stores in the area carry this color. I have to order online and it needs to be here this week cause Sophie is a gift for my soon-to-be 11 year old neice. Plus, I also want to have enough time to make her one of the cupcakes from One Skein to stick in her Sophie along with all the bath goodies I got her that match Sophie. Oy. My best intentions are somehow always tres complicated.

Posted by Wannabe @ 8:14 AM

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you're so funny. swatch, what is a swatch!!! i never knit up a swatch even though i should. arg!! can you change the pattern some so you only have to frog a couple of rows? i'm so sorry you can't get the yarn locally - dude its called cotton candy. i'm drooling already.

Posted by Anonymous the bizzle @ Saturday, May 20, 2006 4:37:00 PM #
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