Friday, June 9, 2006

June One Skein Reveal and a Few FO's!

So my One Skein Secret Pal was WAYYYYYY generous and sent not one, but three skeins. Lucky me! They are all gorgeous and varying shades of pinks which I LOVE! But Pal, please email me cause 2 of the skeins are not marked and I'm dying to know gauge and why you chose the skeins you sent to send.

Here are some pics of what she/he sent...

And a few things I whipped up over the past week:

An apple washcloth for my MIL out of green Sugar N Cream Cotton.

And a baby hat made from a leftover half skein of KFI Cashmerino for my neice to use for her baby dolls. :)

Sophie is felted and I hate her. I'm really not happy. I think my neice will like her but if I was to make another I would make her a LOT taller and give her longer handles. Once she is dry and stuffed with bath goodies I will take a pic and hopefully post this weekend. Have a fantastic weekend!

Posted by Wannabe @ 12:41 PM

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You are SO LUCKY!! That red/yello/orange skein is so awesome.

le sigh.

Posted by Anonymous Anne @ Friday, June 09, 2006 4:11:00 PM #
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