Sunday, March 25, 2007

Last Thursday

Lately everything time-wise to the Buggernut is 'Last Thursday'. Nothing is yesterday, today, tomorrow...EVERYTHING took place Last Thursday. It's pretty funny. Today when she got up from her nap she told me that she hadn't had a drink since last Thursday....uh huh.

Speaking of Last Thursday here are some pics I took of my new small project know, last Thursday.

Isn't it too cute? I've been eyeing one of these for a while over at Piddleloop. Jen is so talented and make the cutest bags. She also just opened up an etsy shop (...more to covet like this....DROOL). My favorite part of this bag is the grommet that the yarn feeds thru. GENIUS. I can't wait to tote some socks in this bag...soon. Socks for me. When I make them. Maybe Last Thursday...or next Thursday I'll start a pair. ;)

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Posted by Wannabe @ 4:32 PM

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So cute!!!! I love the bag, love the fabric, love the grommet. :)

Posted by Blogger Karen @ Monday, March 26, 2007 5:36:00 AM #

that bag is so cute, socks are my favorite small project. hey you still have to tell me where you got th stamped tshirt from.

Posted by Blogger photogmichelle @ Tuesday, March 27, 2007 6:14:00 AM #

she got it from me, yay! there's simple instructions here:

cute fabric, do you think she can make me a skirt out of it?

Posted by Anonymous tinker @ Tuesday, March 27, 2007 8:55:00 AM #

Oooh, I do like that bag! Next time I see you, I'm going to have to look at it more closely. Pretty fabric and knitting too.
But I think I told you that last Thursday...

Posted by Blogger African Kelli @ Tuesday, March 27, 2007 2:14:00 PM #

A, that rocks, love the grommet too and I don't even knit. The fabric is fab!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ Tuesday, March 27, 2007 6:12:00 PM #

awww thank you for the kinds words about the bag. we're very happy you like it so much! :D

Posted by Anonymous jen @ Thursday, April 05, 2007 9:34:00 PM #
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