Monday, August 14, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside (or Wishful Thinking!)

So I've already begun the holiday gift making. I'm tres tres pleased with myself since last year it was into late October that I began the feat of all feats. It's going to be rather tricky to post some of the holiday knitted items because a lot of the recipients read this blog so there will most likely be weeks without any knitting content!

These beauties are the hand/wrist warmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I adore this book. It was the second knitting book that I ever got (behind Stitch N Bitch, of course!) and it was a gift from my mom for helping her move (like a good daughter wouldn't do that ANYWAYS...but the thought was so sweet!). I've made nearly everything out of this book so it's well worth the moolah if you've been eyeing it and can't decide whether or not to get it. I am an enabler. :)

Hand/Wrist Warmers
Book: Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson (owner of PurlSoHo)
Yarn: Noro Cash Iroha in Raspberry (40% silk, 30% wool, 20% cashmere & 10% nylon)
How much: LESS THAN one skein!!!
Needles: 8 inch size 6 Clover Circs
Mods: The pattern called for 2 circs but I used 1 circ and several DPN's to knit the thumb openings and it worked better than fine. Also, cast off LOOSELY...I learned this on the first one and had to recast off!
Knit again?: Absolutely. These knit up fast and are beautiful. I LOVE the spiral rib pattern. Also, next time I might use 2 skeins so I can make them longer to cover more of the arm!

~~~click on each pic to see a larger image~~~

Love the PJ's shot! ;)

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Friday, August 4, 2006

A few "sweet" reviews

Last night was knit group and we had a few new ladies come. It was so nice! I made some cinnamon-oatmeal-raisin scones and brought some Trader's Lemon Curd which Anne thinks is sweet honeyed nectar from the gods. Speaking of Anne, she makes the most beautiful and creative stitch markers of all time. I can't show you a few of the ones that she made me already because they are gifts and the giftees read this blog, but trust me, she is TALENTED. She is also a skilled crocheter and knitter and will be selling all of the above (well minus the scones and Lemon Curd) on her new site, This Is Spiffy that launches this weekend! Go buy stitch markers people! They are fantastic gifts and these are made with amazing care and she can make you pretty much whatever you are looking for! :)

~As usual, click on each image for a larger view~

Review number 2. I covet everything from this Etsy shop, Mary Mo. I have bought a few bags and gifts for people from her shop, but just recently she made me these for a custom order:

A gorgeous case to house all my double pointed needles. What's even better is that she made it to match my knitting notions bag that she made for me a few months back!

And a beautiful Paige Pocket to match a purse that I have...

I can't wait to order more things from her store. She is so sweet and the detail and workmanship is amazing. I am definitely a repeat customer!

In knitting news, I've been trying to finish up loose end projects so that I can start focusing on holiday knitting. I just finished up this cupcake that will be part of my mother-in-law's birthday gifts! It's "modeled" on one of my favorite Noritake vintage dishes!

This weekend I will be working on a few "secret" knitting projects and watching the first Eagles game of the year! WOOHOO! The Eagles will be playing the Raiders on Sunday night for The Hall Of Fame Game to honor John Madden's Saturday induction into The Hall of Fame! Have a great weekend everyone!

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