Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Not feeling any older (or wiser)...

So yesterday was the big day. The dreaded day. Except I'm not really feeling any different at all. It's just a number. A big number. But just a number none the less. 30. I'm officially old. Well, older. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and panini pictures and the overall outpouring of lovies. I had a REALLY nice day. I slept in till 7 (don't laugh...I have an early riser of a 2 year old!), got to totally be lazy all morning...the Mr. made me breakfast and lunch and kicked my 30-year-old butt out the door at 10 to go get pampered with a mani/pedi/ was VERY relaxing. I usually have major time constraints even when I get things done like this but no rushing around at all yesterday which I am NOT used to. I was spoiled with lots of bday cash (can we say YARN!!!!!), Grey's Season 2, Starbucks and Barnes & Noble giftie cards, spa stuff, new jammies and even a card from my kitties. :) The day ended with a really nice dinner at one of my fav restaurants (first time the Mr. and I have been out alone in almost 10 months!!!), and yarn fondling at the factory o' fiber. The Mr. still doesn't understand why I have to go somewhere besides the craft closet to fondle yarn. ;) I crashed in bed around 11 after eating entirely too much tiramisu (made with a little too much rum...) and watching 4 Grey's episodes. I couldn't have asked for a much better day.

In knitting news...I haven't held the needles in 4 DAYS. 4. DAYS. And it's bound to get worse with the parentals flying in later this week and my brother's wedding next week along with lots of volunteer work and playdates worked in between. I have been working on seaming a little tiny baby garment and working lots of short rows on a Ruffles scarf but no pics for a while since it's all gift knitting. Blah!!!

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