Friday, March 30, 2007

Grapefruit...uh...Grateful Friday

Things I am grateful for this week:

Hoping this weekend finds you happy, healthy and loved.


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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring has Sprung

This is how we have spent every afternoon here at Chez Wannabe....

I can't even knit because I'm basking in the warm sun, drinking my afternoon coffee and watching my Buggernut enjoy life. Can't get any sweeter than that. :)

Today calls for some spring cleaning, knit night with the grrrls and watching my daffodils bloom. Enjoy yours.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wash me. Clean me up.

So unlike Spiffy McSpiff when I'm between projects, uninspired or just lazy, my project of the day seems not to be a complicated cable bag or intarsia, it's just a plain ol' granny square dishcloth. And I love them. They require zero brain power, I can balance a pint of Haagen Dazs on my lap while knitting it and it fits in my Small Project Pouch (see last post). Besides that, I have about 60 balls (no exaggeration) of kitchen cotton in my stash that need to go away to make room for more fancy schmacy stuff.


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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Last Thursday

Lately everything time-wise to the Buggernut is 'Last Thursday'. Nothing is yesterday, today, tomorrow...EVERYTHING took place Last Thursday. It's pretty funny. Today when she got up from her nap she told me that she hadn't had a drink since last Thursday....uh huh.

Speaking of Last Thursday here are some pics I took of my new small project know, last Thursday.

Isn't it too cute? I've been eyeing one of these for a while over at Piddleloop. Jen is so talented and make the cutest bags. She also just opened up an etsy shop (...more to covet like this....DROOL). My favorite part of this bag is the grommet that the yarn feeds thru. GENIUS. I can't wait to tote some socks in this bag...soon. Socks for me. When I make them. Maybe Last Thursday...or next Thursday I'll start a pair. ;)

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Grateful Friday

Today I am grateful for:

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sock it to me baby!

Yes, 3 posts in 3 days. I'm makin' my mama proud. Speaking of making mama proud, Buggernut decided last night that if we can find her 'Cars' panties that she would like to try the potty. Um, yeah. Girls Cars panties. What are the chances? So yes, my little girl will be the one with the little boy's flappy thing in the front of her undies because at this point I am willing to do whatever to get her potty trained. Wish me luck. We are going to try all day today.

In knitting news, I made these beauties for Embee's little Drewski...

They were ripped out a few times so that I could rewrite the pattern. You'd think with a sock so small that someone could figure out how to write a pattern, but uh, no.

Sock specs:

Pattern: Was going to be some fancy pants pattern, but ended up about 10 rows of k1.p1 rib at the cuff, stockinette, slipped stitch heel and kitchenered toe. :)
Yarn: Sunshine Yarns in Taos (by the fabulous Dani!)
Needles: Clover Bamboo DPN's size 1 (a.k.a. toothpicks)
Notes: LOVED these. And this yarn is to DIE FOR! It's super soft, knits up beautifully and the colors were so even and lovely. I LOVE Sunshine Yarns. Go buy some!

Hopefully MB will send me some pics after the Drewski is born so I can post his little feet wearing these. :) Hint, hint. FIND YOUR CAMERA CORD!

Today calls for some yummy thunderstorms, potty training and lots of knitting in my PJs. AND a new Grey's episode. I have to miss knit night tonight because the dh has something work related going on but I'll see my grrrrls on Saturday. Can't wait!
Have a super day everyone!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bainbridge Beauty

See I really have been knitting all you doubters of mine! It's just that everything I knit is for someone else...and most of those someones read this here blog so it's hard to show the goods until they are gifted.

Case in point: Pepperknit's Bainbridge Scarf

This was part of a birthday gift for my sister, Sarie. Of course, I neglected to get a picture of her wearing it but the Buggernut enjoyed being a model at 7am. :)

Le specs:

Pattern: Pepperknit's Bainbridge Scarf
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft by Rowan in Mirage
Needles: Denise size 5 circs
Mods: The only thing I changed was the tie...I knit it in garter instead of seed stitch

I loved this. It was super easy. The yarn was absolutely amazing to work with (my new fav I think), and she loved it. And Anne, the color was perfect on her so thanks for helping me pick it out! :)

Today I'm off to get ANOTHER nose ring. I lost 3 so far washing my face in the shower. I guess this is why they tell you not to use washcloths. Ehem.

More knitting pretties tomorrow.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Meet Karlos

Karlos is really Kate. Kate is a kitten designed by Jess Hutch for Knitty. I renamed Kate because a boy baby needs a boy kitten name. That's where Karlos came in. Besides I like rolling my tongue when I say it. Repeat. Kaaaaaarrrrrlllllos. Nice.

Karlos was one of the gifties for my sister, Embee (or rather, Drewski, her baby-to-be) and was gifted to her at her baby shower weekend before last in Connecticut.

Here are Karlos' specs:

Pattern: Kate the Kitten by Jess Hutchinson for Knitty
Yarn: 3 skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in Blue Boy, Brite Blue and Lemon Drop
Needles: Clover Bamboo size 6 DPNs
Other ingredients: Polyfill, Clover Chibi for seaming and patience

More pics of Karlos in all his glory:

I think she liked him!

More knitting to come tomorrow....must go! ;)

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Catch Up

Playing catch up over here but in a day or two you will see some actual knitting content. I am glad to be back but I miss my grrrrrrrrrls bad.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Quiet is good

It's been really quiet around here...I know. But all for good reasons. I've been knitting up a storm and will have lots of proof when I return from vaca. That's right, Buggernut and I are off to Connecticut for 8 days to see my SISTERS!!!! I am beyond the point of being's absolute euphoria. What sparked this trip is a little baby in Embee's belly and most of the knitting done around here is for that little bundle. But two other grrrrls are gonna receive a little something'll have to wait till I get back for the reveal. I'm also looking forward to meeting Cheri who is the bizomb behind the awesome headers I've had around here lately. So all in all, if I can survive the plane rides with a 2 year old, make it thru the hassle that is security at the airport, not get stuck on the runway for 11 hours and make it safe and sound, I plan on doing a lot of laughing, catching up, eating fattening food, drinking lotsa coffee, knitting and shopping....mixed with visiting family and friends, and a baby shower. I'll catch you all when I return. Au revoir. (Cheri, that's goodbye in French.... ;).....)


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