Friday, December 29, 2006

Grateful Friday

Well we are winding down from a busy week here at Chez Wannabe. My head is spinning just trying to recall all that we did. The nicest part of this holiday has been our family time. Because of The Mister's wonky schedule we rarely have time to do things as a family...usually it's just Buggernut and I. The Mister was able to secure 10 days off...IN.A.ROW! We took the Bug to Zoolights, spent time playing outside, went for walks, made huge family dinners, baked, put together and played with endless toys and have overall just had a dandy week.

I'm grateful this week for so many things.

1. My little girl who is the love of my life. This Christmas was so much fun with her this year and I loved seeing the light and joy in her face.

2. Family time. See above.

3. Getting totally spoiled for Christmas. Among my favorite things were this from the Mister and these from my sister. Oh and did I mention the mountains of cash with which I bought these and these
and this that goes on a strap like this but with embroidery thread thoughout it...LOVE.

4. My sisters.

5. Meeting Anne at Stonegrounds back in February...not knowing then how she would become a great friend, someone to laugh with and an awesome knitting companion.

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year. I'll be back with knitting content and photos after this weekend.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours...

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me

Okay so I'm a bad grateful Friday blogger, a horrible blog updater-upper and overall have been neglectful so uh, here are 6 weird things about me.

1. I like clean feet. If my feet feel sticky, I think nothing about shoving them in the sink and washing them.

2. I can only sleep naked. I know, TMI, but I think it's weird considering I used to HAVE to sleep in pj's. That all stopped when I was preggo with the Buggernut. Since then, I can't even think about having clothes feels weird.

3. If my coffee isn't boiling hot, I won't drink it. I can't stand lukewarm or even less than boiling hot coffee. Anything else hot, like tea or cocoa, I am okay with being not so boiling, but the cuppa joe HAS to be boiling hot.

4. I have to vacuum every day. I have a love affair with my Dyson.

5. When I wear socks, they have to feel perfect in my shoes. I've had this "issue" since I was little. If the line in the front of the sock feels the least bit off, I will take off my shoe or change my socks until it feels just right.

6. I'm borderline OCD which everyone around me thinks is weird. Well, the things that I do like washing my hands 50 times a day and making sure my house is super clean and organized and having serious routines...people think that is weird. I just think it's normal and everyone else is weird.

Consider yourself tagged.

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Friday, December 8, 2006

Grateful Friday

This week was a tough one. You know that sweet kitty that I posted about a few weeks back? Well, he started peeing all over the house. Turns out he has a REALLY bad UTI and is in pre-kidney failure and is going to require a lot more medication than he is already on and fluids. After lots of talking and a few tears, we decided it would be best to bring him back to Rescue so that he could get the attention and care that he needs now. We didn't feel like it was fair to our other kitties to care for such a sick kitty that would take away so much time from them. It was a REALLY hard decision to make because I know that he was happy here...albeit a bit stressed from the changes...but happy. He slept on the Mister's feet every night, had already established his "spots" around the house and I could tell he really liked being in a home environment. The plus is that I will still get to see him all the time when I'm working at Rescue and we decided to sponsor him which will help pay for his meds and his daily care. I miss you sweet Dean. Get better.

I'm grateful for a lot of things this week even though it was an emotional one:

1. Having Dean with us in our home for a month...he really got a good break from being at the shelter and I was glad to give him at least that.
2. Going in to Buggernut's room this morning and have her exclaim right off the bat...Mommy, I'm so glad you're home....and gave me the hugest hug. :)
3. Having a GREAT time at knit night last night. It was only Linda and I but we laughed like nobody's business and knit up a storm.
4. Paying for Christmas in CASH!
5. Having about 90% of my Christmas shopping done.
6. Being able to take a long, hot shower tonight...long enough to shave my legs even (you mamas KNOW what I'm talkin' 'bout) with my new paraben free 100% vegan shaving cream...(go ahead and say it Anne..Manda is a DIRTY HIPPIE! DIRTY HIPPIE! DIRTY HIPPIE!)
7. Starbucks Organic Gingerbread Lattes. Nothin' betta.
8. Abby and Levi, my 2 kitties who I appreciate now more than ever...who enrich my life in so many ways.
9. Caridee winning on America's Next Top Model! WHAT WHAT!
10. Scoring a new snowman at Pier One to add to my growing collection...and he was on sale too!
11. Having the Buggernut's BFF and her mom over this morning so the girlies could paint Christmas ornaments. They had SOOO much fun and the Bug is SOOO proud of what she made!
12. Looking forward to getting our tree tomorrow. I know Bug is going to be super excited and I love seeing the look on her face when she is happy.
13. My new blog header and winning a contest over at Tink's Place because I posted a poem with the words gayer and nuts in it. Rocket.
14. Christmastime. It gives me a renewed sense of how blessed we are for all we have.

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Thursday, December 7, 2006


See my new holiday banner? SEE IT? LOVE IT! Cheri made it. Cheri, whom? who? I have never met. Cheri, who is friends with my sisters and who I am going to owe more than just a pair o' fingerless mitts. THANK YOU CHERI!!! :) Muah.

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